This page contains both member testimonials related to being part of EGN and one of our peer group, and testimonials from participants from our monthly inspiration events as well as from speakers.



Testimonials from members - learn what some of our members think about being an EGN member

Thorsten Leppek: "Building connections with peers... often in different industries so you get totally new ideas" 

Verne Mundell: "EGN always allows me to come away with new thoughts and ideas and yes, I have applied those in several areas"

Verne Mundell: "EGN is a great use of your time.. a very open, confidential and very engaging environment"

Thorsten Leppek: "I would definitely highly recommend it (EGN) because of the benefits I´ve had myself out of it already"

Thorsten Leppek: "For me the main difference is the content and the real connections that you are getting.. it´s knowledge sharing. It´s having real discussions".

Testimonials from the Top HR Leaders peer group meeting in June

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Testimonials from EGN inspiration events

The EGN inspiration events are a light version of a members meeting.

We host them each month for free for Top Leaders only.

Below you find some of the testimonials we got from participants:

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