Partnerships for EGN Thailand members

At EGN Thailand we have established several partnerships with companies offering services in line with EGN's Purpose: Making each other better.

Our partnerships include both free and discounted services on:

    Audits on
    • Ergonometrics
    • Human Resources
    • Performance
    • Processes
    • Strategy 
  • Coworking
  • Fitness
  • Hotel, accommodation and conferences
  • Leadership development - New promo for members and potential members, contact us now!
    • IME Micro MBA (4-hour course covering key business areas)
    • IME Mini MBA in Singapore starting in March 2019 (half year course with certification) - more information here. Special price at 115,000 THB for EGN members.
    • IME Mini MBA in Bangkok (half year course with certification) - expected start in autumn 2019. Special price at 115,000 THB for EGN members.
    • Hogan assessment by VivoCoaching- free for members
    • 6 months leadership upgrade by VivoCoaching. 10% discount for EGN members
  • Restaurants

Reach out to if you want to hear more about the partnerships and how they can benefit you?

Do also reach out if you and your company would like to discuss becoming a partner of EGN.

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