Digital Transformation & Exponential Business Innovation


As a member of one of the EGN peer groups, you get access to a professional network that can contribute to developing your leadership skills, provide new insights for your organisation and coach you on personal, professional and strategic challenges in a confidential setting.

Member and group profile

Members are leaders with high focus on and interest for Digital Transformation & Exponential Business Innovation working for medium and large Thai or international companies. Common is that they have an ambition to conceptualize, implement, maintain and improve the digital transformation of their company.

Diversity is important, in regard to learning and expanding your professional network, which is why we ensure members are having diverse backgrounds in terms of nationality, industries and roles.

Members responsibilities covers the digital transformation and/or innovation process from Business Models and Operations to Customer Experience, Change Management and Leadership, and often reports to the board or C-suite. Examples of titles on members includes Chief Digital Officer, Chief Information Officer, Digital Director, Business Transformation Leader, Transformation Director, Business Transformation Manager, Head of Digitalization, and also CEO, MD, GM, Head of BD, Head of Sales, Head of Communication etc.

Members are matched on the basis of individual dialogues to ensure comparable organizations, common challenges/priorities & expectations. 

Meetings and Themes
The group has 6 physical meetings per year in a central Bangkok location. The dates and time is fixed by the members 1 year in advance to make it easier to plan around. 

The group members 100% decide on the agenda, including themes, and the professional EGN facilitator manage everything from the right speakers to the right venue, and of course the planning and execution of each meeting.

Our meetings focus on the challenges our members find the most important and we facilitate professional and focused sharing of the latest thinking, exchange ideas and network with like-minded peers.

Below you find potential topics for the meetings:

  • New Business Models - pivot existing or start new?
  • Machine Learning, AI and IoT - where to start?
  • Embed digital thinking in the Executive Committee
  • Digital as enabler or driver?
  • Digitalization - automate your company?
  • Disrupt or be defensive and get ready?

Each meeting will also have regular topics:

  • Update on the latest exponential technologies & business innovations (eg. 3D printing, biotechnology, nano technology, sensors, implants, immersive reality etc.) 
  • Startups / New Investments

EGN concept
EGN is the second largest professional network in the world, with 15.000 members in 15 countries.

  • 20-25 peers: same exec function & level, similar organizations, diverse industries meet to:
    • Compare organizations/strategies/tools/processes/KPIs
    • Share experience/best practices/lessons learned
    • Reflect on dos & don’ts/pitfalls & opportunities, trends
    • Gain new ideas/advice/perspectives to solve the most pressing business challenges
    • Save time and resources a become/stay future-ready
  • The mix of industries creates diversity of perspectives and a richness of innovative ideas for you and your company
  • Save time and resources to solve the most pressing business challenges and set the company up for future success
  • No consultants and no competitors are accepted in the groups, but we often invite experts

Membership and payment
The membership is for 1 year and covers the 6 meetings and everything related to the meetings. It also covers free access to 12 yearly inspiration events, a light version of a members meeting, as well as 24/7 access to the Members Universe, our members only online platform for knowledge sharing for our 15,000+ members globally.

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Top reasons for joining EGN

EGN is a professional network of peers that provides an exclusive opportunity to work in depth with your personal leadership skills, strengthen your professional toolbox and gain new insights for the benefit of yourself and your company.

As a member of EGN, you get access to:

A worldwide network of peers

A worldwide network of peers

We offer a trusted, worldwide network of peers with a shared ambition of making each other better - every day.

Tailored Peer Groups

Tailored Peer Groups

Your peer group is assembled by our experienced networking consultant, ensuring that it matches your management level and professional discipline.  

Members’ Universe

Members’ Universe

This is an online community of 15,000 experts and it features a global query function, in-app messaging, virtual EGN groups.

Expert meeting design

Expert meeting design

All peer groups are facilitated by our experienced and continuously-trained EGN Chairs.

In Between Jobs Scheme

In Between Jobs Scheme

If you lose your job, you can continue your membership for a year, while you use your network to find your next career path – and up to further 12 months for a modest fee.

Exclusive Events & Seminars

Exclusive Events & Seminars

Events and seminars are conducted in all markets to engage, learn and grow within and across the established peer network.

EGN Insights

EGN Insights

As a member of EGN you get access to our thought leadership insights, which include e-books, learning tools, articles, member best practices and much more.

Business Benefits

Business Benefits

EGN acts as a support network for your entire business, giving you benefits that include upskilling of your key employees, insights into the latest market trends and tools, as well as access to a confidential 'board of advisors’ via each EGN group and a global pool of 15,000 experts.

Our members include

  • How much does a membership cost?

    An EGN membership varies in price, depending on your locality, seniority and the specific benefits applied to the EGN Group.

    Our Network Advisors can help you find the right group based on your managerial level and professional needs.  

    Enter your contact info here and one of our Network Advisors will get back to you.

  • How does the peer group network work?

    With the support of a professional network, you get the opportunity to exchange experience on a high professional level, strengthen and develop your own skills within management and specialised areas.

    As a member of EGN, you get direct access to Top Executives, Business Leaders and Specialists in most parts of the world via our online Members’ Universe where you can ask questions, join debates and network with more than 14,000 other members.

    Your personal EGN group represents a confidential forum where all ideas and challenges can be discussed with peers at your own, professional level. To ensure confidentiality, no competitors or significant customer relationships are allowed in the same group.

    All our peer groups are managed by a professional and experienced EGN Chair, who facilitates and mentors the peer groups, ensures output both at and between meetings and focuses on your professional and managerial development.

    We also offer events and seminars, networking tours, an Between Jobs Scheme, mentoring programmes, CEO coaching and much more.

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  • How do I become a member?

    You can apply for membership by filling out this form

    When we have received your application, you will be contacted by a Network Advisor for a more in-depth interview to find the right peer group for your managerial level and/or professional need.

    All candidates must be approved by both the Chair and specific peer group members before joining a group. This is done both to match relevant peers and also to avoid private friends, customer relationships and competitors being placed together in the same network group and to help facilitate honest and fruitful discussions.

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